Owned by the talented international champion and judge, Sabine Dunkes and her husband Ralf Dunkes. We will soon be offering world class facilities and care for your equine’s including rehabilitation and recovery treatments possible for each individual horse.

Top Quality

We have a dedicated and friendly team of professionals that offer care supervision and care of each patient to aid in a speedy recovery.

Keeping South Africa’s equine athletes sound. In addition to routine treatment on a daily basis for the equine athlete pre and post competition in the form of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy, we also offer solarium treatments, laser & magnetic therapy and thermal imaging.

Our stables are 4 x 4m each and comprise of Belmondo rubber mats, automatic water feeders, hay bins, brushes at each door, pellet feeders and a small paddock area leading out of each stable. We’d like to offer you peace of mind as we have security on the premises and camera’s inside the stables too. 

Stabling & Services

Nutrition is our number one priority as feeding is a vital part of management and safety of your horse. Incorrect feeding can lead to colic, skin conditions, laminitis, bad behaviour, under development, hoof deterioration, accelerated bone growth in young horses etc.

Horses stabled at our facility are fed according to weight, age, work load, breed and temperament. The horses are fed between 3 and 4 meals per day to ensure  gut mobility and this decreases the risk of colic. Each horse’s feeding schedule is reviewed every Monday where riders and instructors input are also taken into account.

Full Winter grass is available in the paddocks and ad lib grass in the evening. If a specific horse finishes their Teff at 8 o’clock, a second portion is provided. Mixed grass is provided in the stables every morning prior to supplements, to ensure the mobilisation of the gut (colic prevention).

Fly/vermin management programme: This includes pest control inspections, fly tape throughout the stable block, automatic fly spray canisters in the stables and doors on all sides of the stables to reduce this. We also use a repellent paint on the walls and doors.

Our Tack Room has it’s own bathroom and laundry area as well as lockers for personal belongings and racks on the walls for helmets, tack and saddles. We have a custom-made feed trolley and wooden trolley for each stable.

There are two blocks of stables with a total of 17 stables and as a livery client, you will have access to a kitchen and bathroom with shower that you can use after you have been riding. We have seating available to view the arena and we also have a wash bay area that includes an imported solarium.

Our lunge ring and walker will be completed in early 2024 and our Eco Fibre arena is ready to use and is 65 x 25m in size.

The outdoor paddock is situated a short distance away from the arena and we are in the process of completing a second set of paddocks in front of the guest houses. Thereafter, there will be a track alongside the fence of our field next to our tunnels, where riders will be able to walk through a dam.